Leadership Programs

It’s no longer enough for leaders to be really great at what they are doing. To succeed today, leaders also need to be great at who they are being. There is the internal piece – their values, their vision, what they are about as a leader. And then there is the external piece – how they are going to express their values and vision in a way that inspires innovation and creates sustainability.

Leaders need to be authentic, present, and emotionally intelligent.

Whole Mind, Fully Embodied Leadership

The current business climate demands leaders to use and model creativity, intuition, empathy and leadership presence. In short, successful leaders need “right-brain” skills, in addition to their “left-brain” analytical and organizational competencies. Given that, Whole Mind Leadership is a highly experiential program that trains executives and managers to be strong, inspirational leaders with powerful communication and collaboration abilities.

Benefits of Whole Mind Leadership include:

  • Discovering hidden talents and practicing using them in real business situations.
  • Connecting with and developing one’s unique leadership style.
  • Creating intimacy and connecting with clients, colleagues and teams for effective collaboration and long-term, sustainable relationships.
  • Learning how to give and receive solid, constructive feedback.
  • The joy of being present.

Coaching Skills for Managers and Executives

Coaching is one of the most important skills for maximizing and sustaining individual and team performance. The ROI on coaching is well documented with major improvements in employee morale, effectiveness and retention. In our coaching, we facilitate powerful change by challenging executives and managers to think and act differently.

eKCosystem’s comprehensive Coaching Skills for Managers and Executives Program teaches executives and managers to be collaborative and prepares them to bring out the strengths and talents of the people in their organizations, while helping them to grow and be fulfilled.

Through interactive, experiential training, executives and managers learn the basic contexts of coaching and immediately practice essential coaching skills and techniques.

Benefits of Coaching Skills for Managers and Executives include:

  • Gaining coaching skills and techniques.
  • Learning how to communicate and listen in a powerful way.
  • Improving self-awareness.
  • Acquiring confidence in using intuition.
  • Using greater range and authenticity so more of oneself is available and expressed.
  • Building trust, intimacy and connection.
  • Having a solid understanding of how to use coaching in one’s existing roles.